We supply open die forgings,close die forgings to industries such as shipbuilding,aerospace,chemical processing,medicine,gas turbine engine,transportation etc.Materials range from carbon steel,alloy steel,stainless steel,tool steel,copper,aluminium.

Equipment for close -die forging
One corner of open -die forging shop
Our factory has very advanced facilities for both open die forgings and close die forgings,they are:one set 2 - electric/hydraulic open-die forge line,one 1-ton electric/hydraulic forge line,one set 3-ton close die forge press set line with 600 ton and one high energy screw press line with 1600 ton.

Typical products include:

.Valves and Flanges
.Various kinds of forges for pressure meters
.Transit gears
.Track links
.Ring rolled seals


Welding neck, threaded, slip-on, lap joint, plate, blind Specification is from 1/2" to 24"

Technology is utilized at an optimum and works in harmony with the expertise of our staff.their efficiently combination makes us possible producing high quality,high performance,safety-critical parts that the market demands.

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