Sand castings

Our foundry casts all kinds of gray iron/ductile/iron/malleable iron casting.

Electric insulation furnace is working
Our various castings are served in the following markets:.Automobile.Construction & transportation.Marine and shipbuilding.Electrical & turbine.Farm.Chemical.Medical.Information.Paper and pipe
Production line of Funan resin sand
  We believe that assurance of quality is everything. Our foundry not only has advanced smelting, molding, core shooter equipments and test instruments, but their smelting production technology and testing of ductile iron is the lead position in domestic and overseas. They have a completely quality control system, they'll take analysis from the start before furnace every heat to finished products, meanwhile, they will file the inspection datas including metallograph, hardness, tensile etc., and have test bars with serial numbers for further reference.
Our foundries can produce castings from a few gram in size right up to tons, whether you require your parts in small, medium, or large runs, we do it all at the most economic rates in the industry. As we have nearly 20 years of excellence in the industry, you can count on us to find the solutions to all your casting needs. Our foundry personnel are experienced and dedicated to their craft, as we believe constant upgrading of skills and knowledge are essential.  
It's worth to mention that cast steel parts & equipments for shipbuilding is our most quality conscious products.
they are mainly deck fittings , such as bollard, chain stopper, chain drum, manhole, hatch, ladder, scuttle,which are all seriated and most of them are DNV,ABS,and LRS certificated.
Our products are all seriated and most of them are standardized and specially designed for classed and unclassed cargo ships, tugboats and large yatches.
Die castings.

Our associated foundries are very experienced in die castings,most of the parts are made in alloy aluminum ,and alloy zinc.the application is for auto industry.the facility is quietly advanced(imported 800 to 1200 Ton Die casting machines and vacuum system )


QS 9000 certificated,ISO 9001 registerd dictates that quality be addressed during all phases of products' life.We not only have a completely quality- control system ,but also have perfect measurement room,physicochemical room and testing room of products' life.these make us possible provide for our customers high quality products.

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