The company markets a wide range of machinery knives, which are used in iron and steel industries, plywood industry, pulp and paper industries, printing and publishing industries, slitter knives precision and information industries, other industries

Veneer Rotary Knife
950X140X12 2750X180X16
1500X180X16 2740X190X16
2100X180X16 2760X200X16
2350X180X16 2700X90X10

Veneer cutting knife
2750X180X18 3350X200X24
2850X220X23 4190X215X19
2900X180X22 4450X200X19

Veneer press ruler
1500X80X12 2750X56X13
12000X56X13 2760X74X40

Wood Rotary Blade (full steel)
410X40X4 640X40X4
610X40X4 1220X40X4

Wood Rotary Blade (inlay steel)
250X25X3 640X40X4
400X30X3 610X75X6

Wood Slitter Knife
258X75X6(fly) 600X185X20(fly)
139X56X8(fly) 600X100X20(bottom)
136X36X6(bottom) 208X60X5(fly)

Chipper knife
258X75X6(fly) 290X95X6(fly)
677X224X10(bottom) 420X165X18(fly)
666X189X10(side) 318X165X18(bottom)
973X143X12(fly) 750X125X10(y.z)
1112X150X15(bottom) 700X240X20(fly)
575X300X35(side) 610X240X25(bottom)
780X220X20(fly) 650X240X25(side)
780X100X20(bottom) 420X190X18(fly)
300X100X5(fly) 393X63X46(bottom)
300X48X5(back) 760X33X9(pad)
184X60X5(fly) 750X125X12(fly)
Paper Cutting Knife
760X127X8 1390X160X13.75
1065X127X12.7 1605X160X13.75
1520X127X12.7 1785X160X13.75
882X101.6X9.53 1995X160X13.75
925X110X9.7 840X100X10
1095X115X11.7 4089.4X127.4X12.95

triple-angle paper cutting knife
382X127X12.7(l) 382X127X12.7(R)

Cracking knife
1240X64X15/13 1730X64X18/15
2130X64X18/15 3360X64X18/15

Single-edge shear knife
1028X60X20 1245X78X25
1050X70X22 2050X95X26

Four-edges shear knife
508X70X22 1245X80X25
508X80X25 1850X90X25

Disc shear knife
Φ202XΦ100X9 Φ250XΦ125X3.25
Φ420XΦ165X35 Φ170XΦ65X20

Match Blade
670X185X12 240X230X8
610X180X10 580X180X12
580X190X10 5X150X7

Ice Scrapers

Granulator Knife, chopstick knife, round knife, spur knife, fibre cutting knife, peeling knife, fur cutting knife, pencil knife, fines cutting knife, reed harvesting knife, in a word our knives are for a variety of Applications.

Full steel
Inlay steel (HSS,D2,D3,S-1,M2)
We'll select the material as your requirments.
Our knives are made in the best raw materials, in addition that we have the experience of performing optimum heat treatment to assure they're in exact comformity with different characters, such as red-hot, hardness,shock resistance and wear-resistance.

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